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Here you can find out a little bit more info about me.

My name is George Perry and Perry's Creations is a business project that I have decided to pursue. Art has never been a main focus for me in my life and I have never really spent the time to allow an artistic side to develop. However, I am someone who is constantly looking to grow and improve as a person whether if that is physically, mentally or spiritually. Perry's Creations allows me to explore my creative side and this is a journey I am excited to undertake, to see where it can lead me and help me grow.

All of the images and designs that you find have been created through the help of midjourney, (which is a generative AI system where text prompts produce images) using my imagination and any inspiration I find around me in nature or in my day to day life for the ideas you see today that have come to fruition. My wish is for you and anyone who visits my shop to have an easy and enjoyable experience when exploring Perry's Creations.

I have many future plans, designs and products I would like to introduce to Perry's Creations. This includes physical products, various poster designs, and more artwork. But I won't reveal too much just yet.

If you would like to join me on my journey and see more of my artwork you can follow my social media accounts or provide your email to stay up to date on all new topics.

Instagram: vibes_n__chill

TikTok: vibes_n__chill

I appreciate your time :)

Perry's Creations

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