Over 100+ Posts!

Here is a mini update as to what has been going on!

Following on from our last blog, our major upgrade to the store is taking place nicely and will happen in future shortcomings. There was a delay to this release due to the unrealisation of how long these new updated plans would take to complete. I am, however, very happy with how it is all coming along and I am excited to show you all what has been done!

In more exciting news, we have reached and consistently posted (as of this moment of writing) 115 times, which I think is a very good achievement and prepares us nicely for another 100!!

So lets bring it on!

Our Pinterest and Tiktok accounts do need more work on them, but hopefully my focus can change towards the different social media platforms soon! You will all be kept posted!

Anyway, I appreciate you all reading this far into my blog! :) it means a lot!

I look forward to see what is to come!

 Perrys Creations

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