Seamless patterns FAQs

What are seamless patterns?

A seamless pattern is a design that can be repeated infinitely without any visible seams or interruptions

When and how do I gain access to the seamless patterns I have purchased?

An email will be sent instantly and an order confirmation where you can view your order and the downloads available

What do I do with the downloadable folder?

  1. Download Zip file instantly
  2. Extract the file
  3. Immediately save the files to your computer
  4. Enjoy Perry's Creations

What sizes are the seamless patterns?

All seamless patterns contain an image resolution of 300 DPI and an aspect ratio of 1:1

What file formats will be seamless patterns be in?

All seamless patterns are available as a png format

Are there watermarks on the purchased seamless patterns?

There are no watermarks on any purchased products

Can I share the digital seamless patterns with others?

Seamless patterns are to not be shared with others

Are the seamless patterns customizable or editable?

The seamless patterns are free to be edited or customized in any possible way

Can the seamless patterns be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, the seamless patterns are free to be used however the new owner feels

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